What I Do


Creating music, be it contemporary songs, piano or chamber music, has been my life-long pursuit as a musician/songwriter/composer. The result of expressing thoughts and feelings in music as a language all its own is truly an extraordinary happening! How does it occur for the creative artist? It is an intense yet calming process; a combination of free improvisation and yet meticulous polishing! It can come from something internal or external, a lyrical or conceptual idea...or one single musical phrase or fragment. So...when speaking I do so with words...but music is really my language.


With years of experience doing music preparation, HardyHouse Music is available to help you with your scoring needs. Whether you are looking for simple copying from what you’ve already written down in manuscript form or are needing to have music prepared from digital music files, HardyHouse Music can help! Contact us for rates.


We can put together in printed form or digital music file format either originally conceived music for your occasions and/or your own special music. Contact us for details and rates on what we can do for meeting your special needs.


Are you a composer/musician that would like some feedback on either Finale Music Notation software or digital piano operation w/computer? HardyHouse Music is here to help you! Send us an email of your questions/issues and we’ll be happy to be of assistance.